We help small and medium sized businesses that want to engage their visitors be inspired to improve and empower staff to be more effective at their core responsibilities. What if your business could reduce the amount of time and money spent on manual, out-dated websites and services? What if you had access to manage your site responsibilities as easy as cut and paste, or as easy as creating a Microsoft Word document? How would you redeploy your suddenly free assets and staff?

we help you succeed

Our-team_iconSince each business has its own vision, each design is unique & tailored to your specific needs, preferences, and style. Whether you need to accept online appointments; host an online photo gallery; sell items with an e-Commerce site; or convey your professionalism with a mature design, TYJC ensures your online presence is accurate and responsive. Your clients will have the tools they need to interact with your organization effectively and efficiently. We are WordPress experts and sought after consultants in the areas of usability, business processes, and web design.

we help developers

icon_-_developerMany website providers are excellent graphic and/or website designers, but when it comes to functionality and usability they need assistance. We have developed a great reputation for being the “developer” behind the developer. Technical or programming issues can stop an unskilled developer in their tracks and hold up the entire work flow for their own business. With tech:assist® we allow you to focus on your core strengths while we handle your support tickets. For WordPress, CSS, PHP or MySQL issues that are above and beyond your skill level – contact us!

we help small businesses

business-continuity-iconWe have extensive experience designing, redesigning, developing and maintaining websites in the following industries: Gospel Artists | Record Labels | Music Groups | Recreation | Dentists | Health & Beauty | Legal | eCommerce | Universities | Home Improvement | Ministries | Conventions | Automotive | Christian Schools | Power Sports | Transportation and much more! The TYJC services approach is flexible.  Our staff can either complement your team or act as your service resource on your behalf. We inspire you to think big, then we help you get there.


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Discover a Better Way to Meet Your Website Needs

We stay behind-the-scenes:We never interact with your end-clients directly. We work only with your staff.

Trained expert team at your side: We continue to improve our skills and capabilities.

24×7 services: ThankYouJesusConsulting.com Services team monitors and manages your systems around the clock, 365 days a year.

Fixed price: There are no surprises at the end of the month in your invoice.

Pay-As-You-Grow: Why waste money investing in licenses you never use or software that’s not required?

Education and certification: With over 20 interactive courses, our TYJC University will get your staff up and running quickly.